Assessing the Effectiveness of Cricket Advertising in India through IPL

Posted by Borderless Access on May 31, 2019 4:10:14 PM
Borderless Access

The 2019 Indian Premier League generated the usual, high-level of excitement amongst its audience and engagement levels were naturally high. Not surprisingly, IPL 2019 attracted massive advertising interest on both traditional and social media platforms, with more than 90 advertisers pitching a myriad of brands and products.

This year though is unusual since the cricket season has been extended with the start of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 . This means more prime advertising opportunity for brands. Given the high-quality reach of India’s favourite sports, brands are expected to swamp the cricketing extravaganza throughout the event. However, to make the most of the potential for high top-of-the-mind recall, brands must use all possible indicators to understand the ever-more multifarious consumer touchpoints.

With the express purpose of assisting brands to understand the impact and reach of cricket advertising in India, Borderless Access did a study to explore the effectiveness of advertising associated with IPL 2019.

This research explores the impact of advertisements by sponsors and advertisers who invest money for branding through popular sporting events like IPL in India. The study enables brands to gauge the overall reach and appeal for various advertisements in India taking place during IPL and related cricketing events.

The study charts the audience’s viewing behavior and their reaction towards teams and brands in depth, in relation to ad reach and effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Strong consumer orientation is the backbone of all successful marketing actions. The information available in this study should enable advertisers to reach an inference about the effectiveness of their spending decisions based on how well the ads are resonating with their audience. Ipl_blog-cta

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