Borderless Access Pivots its Business Focus by Adding Next-Gen Tools and Holistic Consumer Understanding as it Completes 11 Years

Posted by Borderless Access on Dec 11, 2019 6:34:17 PM
Borderless Access

BANGALORE, India, Dec. 9, 2019 -- The initial 10 years witnessed Borderless Access evolve from an online & mobile panel company into one of the leading global digital market research solutions company.

As a company that's always at the forefront of technology adoption and strives to provide high-quality consumer insights to their clients, Borderless Access has taken data quality to the next level by layering their proprietary fraud algorithms and best-in-industry digital fingerprinting tools with Artificial Intelligence (and Machine Learning) on their proprietary platform, SmartSight™.

Quality is pivotal to the company as it has doubled its first-party panel strength to 5.86 Million+ unique respondents across the globe, as per the recent announcement.

"In today's highly digital, multi-device world, where ensuring panelist authenticity and quality of responses is a challenge, Borderless Access is well-equipped with its ML & AI-driven platform SmartSight™to deliver high-quality insights to our clients," said, Ruchika Gupta, Founder & CEO of Borderless Access. "This helps us to confidently reach out to clients with difficult niche audiences in Healthcare, B2B, and markets like South Africa, where though digital adoption is high, digital research is yet to catch-up."

While Ruchika spoke about South Africa, the company has aggressive plans for the African continent as it appointed Bev Tigar as Lead Client Development Consultant for Africa in March this year, to capture more ground and manage client expectations.

Furthermore, Borderless Access has the largest first-party online MR panel in South Africa and have a huge panel base in other key markets of the continent.

Borderless Access was also the recipient of the Best Partner Paper Award at the 21st PAMRO conference held during August 2019 for the paper titled '#10YearChallenge – Data drives insights and insights drive decisions', presented alongside Unilever, for best reflecting the goals of the conference.

"As an organization with 'Client Needs First' focus and a zeal to stay ahead of the curve, Borderless Access will continue to make early bets in new-age technology products and solutions and markets to drive another decade of exceptional growth," stated, Dushyant Gupta, EVP, Borderless Access.

About Borderless Access:
Borderless Access, a global digital MR products and solutions company, provides access to experiences and life moments of engaged consumers from hard-to-reach B2B and B2C segments in emerging and developed markets to its global clientele of MR firms, ad agencies, consultancy firms, and end enterprises, through technology and community analytics. Its innovative offerings include Panel Solutions, SmartSight™, HealthSight™, and TAPP™.

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