Indian Buyer Perception of Automobile Safety Features and their Influence on Purchase Decisions

Posted by Borderless Access on May 27, 2021 5:21:20 PM

In an ideal world, the topic of automobile safety standards would be a non-contentious one, with the highest possible universal safety standards across all vehicle segments. Unfortunately, vehicle safety standards have been lower than desired in several developing countries for a long time.

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How to build and retain brand trust in uncertain times

Posted by Borderless Access on Apr 26, 2021 12:56:21 PM
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How Coca-Cola Africa Leveraged Borderless Access’ Bot-Enabled Research Solution to Unravel Healthy Consumption Habits

Posted by Bev Tigar-Basset on Mar 22, 2021 6:28:32 PM
Why tech-enabled research is the right solution for Africa: Exploring a Coca-Cola Africa case study on healthy consumption habits.

It goes without saying that life these days is digital. The internet never sleeps … in just 60 seconds it sees a frenzy of activity and engagement: In one global minute, over 208,000 people participate in Zoom meetings, 41,7 million WhatsApp messages are shared, 6,659 packages are shipped by Amazon and over 347,000 Instagram stories are posted … to name but a few of the active platforms on the web.

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Digital vs Traditional: Media Platform Preferences among US Consumer in 2020

Posted by Borderless Access on Jan 15, 2021 2:15:06 PM

With each passing day, there is a growing choice of platforms for people to consume news, entertainment, sports and engage socially on. At the same time, this leaves marketers and brands with a difficult choice of having to choose between the various platforms or prioritize one over the year. Thanks to the unusual year 2020, consumer habits have further changed, making the task of marketing and advertising even more difficult.

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Consumer Media Platform Preferences in 2020 among Indian and Singaporean Consumers

Posted by Borderless Access on Dec 11, 2020 6:42:56 PM

The year 2020 has been an anomaly in all senses. This also applies to people’s interaction with various media platforms, both digital and traditional. The fact that for the first time a large section of the global population is spending a lot more time indoors compared to before most likely has had an impact on how we are consuming advertisements and other product and brand messaging.

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Surfing the tides: digital media has come out tops in post-lockdown Africa

Posted by Borderless Access on Dec 9, 2020 2:40:30 PM


Social media enjoys high exposure in Africa

Of all the communication channels available today, social media is the channel that most people claim they have been exposed to in terms of brand and advertising messages, since Covid-19. This exposure to social media is particularly high in Africa, with South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria leading the pack in this regard. These African countries claim to be much more exposed to digital media in general than the rest of the world does, and less to physical magazines than their global counterparts.

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Has the Pandemic Changed Shopping Habits in Germany and the UK?

Posted by Borderless Access on Oct 13, 2020 8:36:28 PM

Shops and stores have been mostly open across Germany and the UK since the last few months when lockdown measures were relaxed. However, it has not been business as usual for most shop owners. As per a report, there were “no lines” and “no crowds” when an Ikea branch in the Germany city of Cologne opened. According to experts, consumers’ mindsets have changed from a “gain” to a “maintain” mentality during the pandemic. In other words, people are avoiding stepping out of the house unless necessary to lower the risk of catching the virus.

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Tracking Changes to Consumer Shopping Behaviour in the US Since the Pandemic

Posted by Borderless Access on Oct 13, 2020 8:33:19 PM

In the United States, the response to the coronavirus has varied from state to state. Over the last 6 months, most stores and shops have opened up for businesses but subjected to change based on the situation, as explained in this report. At the same time, the pandemic has also had an impact on how people shop.

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Exploring Post-Pandemic Work Scenario among US Working Professionals

Posted by Borderless Access on Oct 6, 2020 1:34:40 PM

The words “job loss” have been used quite frequently with the word pandemic in 2020. The pandemic has also dramatically changed the way people work. Telecommuting has become the new normal and it is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. In this scenario, we conducted an online study in the US, and other parts of the world, to learn how the pandemic and the accompanying lockdown have affected the work-life of white-collar working professionals. The results of the study give us a good idea about the current state of work-life compared to the rest of the world.

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Sub-Saharan Africans increase healthy habits to beat the virus

Posted by Borderless Access on Sep 1, 2020 11:38:59 AM

Finding ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic has been a shock. We’ve spent a lot of time fine-tuning ways in which we can prevent ourselves from catching the virus. COVID-19 has prompted many of us to examine our health, with 63% of people around the world reporting that coronavirus has encouraged them to seriously consider their levels of health and fitness. We’ve taken a closer look at global changes with regard to general health, hygiene and fitness, with a special focus on Nigeria and South Africa.

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