Healthy lifestyles embraced as a result of the pandemic

Posted by Ejaz Mirza on Apr 26, 2021 10:38:13 AM

Almost two-thirds of consumers globally have become more health- and hygiene-conscious as a result of the pandemic. The Middle East certainly leads this trend with over three-quarters of Saudi and UAE consumers feeling an increased awareness of the need to look after their physical well-being.

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Patientenzentriertes agiles Marketing mit Hilfe von KI

Posted by Max Czycholl on Apr 19, 2021 4:32:59 PM

Max Czycholl, VP – Europe bei Borderless Access in Hamburg, sieht in dem Ziel eines agilen Marketings verschiedene Potenziale. „Für BA Health steht agiles Marketing für einen patientenzentrierten Marketingansatz, der die unterschiedlichen Player im Gesundheitswesen mit den Patienten zusammenführt – und zwar in personalisierter Form und unterstützt durch Technologie und Künstliche Intelligenz“, sagt er aus Sicht der Health- Unit.

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Has the Middle East become healthier since the pandemic?

Posted by Borderless Access on Sep 1, 2020 11:37:58 AM

Worldwide nearly two-thirds of people claim to be taking their personal health and fitness habits more seriously since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We have taken a closer look at how people living in the Middle East have altered their routines, with a focus on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

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Exploring Post-Pandemic Health and Hygiene Habits in the US

Posted by Borderless Access on Aug 24, 2020 1:28:51 PM

A recent study conducted by Borderless Access about the impact of COVID-19 on future healthcare consultation scenario, including pre-travel healthcare consultation, found that patient behaviour and habits were significantly varied from country to country. This highlighted the notable influence of culture and social and economic realities on behaviour related to personal health.

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